7 Tips for a Smooth Halong Bay Voyage with Your Kids in 2024

Vietnam has emerged as a mesmerizing as well as budget-friendly destination among travelers for quite some time. When we talk about Vietnam, we cannot miss the best Halong Bay cruise voyage, an enchanting vista. If you, too, are planning a family vacation in Vietnam, you might have a few concerns. Traveling with family can be fun and memorable. You get to spend time with your loved ones at a place you all like; what can be better than that? However, people with kids are often apprehensive about taking them on trips, because of all the raucous they create. Well, it is not that hard! We have listed down tips and tricks that will help you travel with your kids and make it the Halong Bay cruise adventure. Read on!

Tips for Halong Bay cruising with kids

●     Prepare well

It would take around 3.5 hours from Hanoi to Halong by bus. So, as parents, you can request to be collected first and select a seat that suits you and your kids. You can also ask to be dropped off first once you return to Hanoi.

If you need more convenience, you can book a private car transfer for your family through the best travel agent in Vietnam in advance. But do not forget to bring some snacks and toys for your children.When booking a cabin on a cruise, select a triple one with a discount for kids under 12 years. You can put a baby cot or spare bed in this cabin for your kids. Also, don’t overlook the weather, bring a swimsuit in summer and warm clothes in winter.

Ensure your child’s safety

Your child’s safety should be your number one priority.

·         Do not allow your kids to climb on the handrail or any other railing of the cruise.

·         When transferring from a cruise to a kayaking boat, which is common in most floating villages, parents should keep a close watch on their children. Also, they should be careful when visiting caves with steep steps.

However, most cruise operators are well-prepared and enthusiastic to welcome these little guests. And at all the places, life jackets are compulsory for children.

●     Plan your itineraries and activities carefully

Before you plan your itineraries for Vietnam holiday packages, it is essential to remember that Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay do not have many tourist spots, and you will get time to relax with your family. On the contrary, Halong Bay has more family activities to do, making it a perfect getaway for families or children who love activities.

Keeping your kid engaged and active will help you enjoy more as they won’t get bored. Also, they can find new friends to play with on the cruise.

●     What should you pack when traveling to Halong Bay?

Following the creation of a thorough plan, you should identify the items you need to pack, in particular:

·         Clothing: Parents should pack considerable clothes for their children to change into because they are so active and their clothing quickly becomes filthy. Additionally, Halong has wet as well as sunny weather, so it’s important to pack sunblock, hats, and warm, lightweight clothing.

·         Medication: Kids are prone to illness and might suffer because of allergies.

·         Games and snacks (undoubtedly!)

●     Is there any entertainment onboard for kids?

For youngsters, the sundeck is always the ideal spot to play. In the best Halong Bay cruise, children might have extra space to play on luxury cruises since they have an outdoor pool, movie theater, and children’s play area.

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●     Take care of food and beverage

Fish is typically served on Halong Bay cruises, but they also offer beef or chicken as well, so make sure your child can get what it wants.

You can request in your Vietnam travel packages that the cruise cook toddler meals for your kids if they are too little to consume the food offered. To ensure that your children have a more pleasurable trip, pack some food and snacks for them to eat as they cruise Halong Bay.

●     Tourist destinations you can visit with your kids

When visiting Halong Bay with your family, you should go to locations like Sunworld Halong Complex, Vinpearl Ha Long, Ha Long Ocean Park, and the 3D Funny Art Museum, which offer plenty of room and entertainment options to encourage kids to explore more.

But, these recreation facilities may also have some risky games, so you should closely monitor your kids as they play.

When should you visit Halong Bay?

Visit Halong Bay between March-May and September-November for the best chance of pleasant weather. Those are usually dry seasons, not very hot. There is little to no rainfall and a clear sky. This makes it the ideal time to take advantage of activities like hiking, swimming, and kayaking, as well as to explore the bay.

The off-season months of May through September are the most favorable for visiting Halong Bay in terms of both crowds and costs. There are fewer tourists during this season; therefore, lodging and tour costs are reduced. Additionally, the bay is less crowded, which can make for a more calming and soothing experience.

The busiest and most costly periods to visit Halong Bay are during the peak season, which runs from October to April. The bay may be crowded with visitors during this season, and lodging and tour costs may increase. To avoid disappointment, you are advised to buy Vietnam travel packages in advance if you want to come during the busiest time of year.

The weather in Halong Bay

Halong is a year-round destination because of its characteristic humid tropical monsoon environment with four seasons.

Halong experiences pleasant yearly temperatures of 23.7° Celsius on average. Winter runs from November to February with an average temperature of 16.7° Celsius and a lowest temperature of 5° Celsius.

In the summer, on the other hand, the average temperature is around 28.6° Celsius with a maximum temperature of up to 38° Celsius. It spans from May through October.

The bottom line!

Prepare yourself for an enchanted journey across Halong Bay, where you and your loved ones will witness an array of breathtaking natural environments. Sail through historic limestone karsts, marvel at the stunning white sand beaches, and find secret caverns that will amaze your kids. Book your ideal Vietnam tour packages with Threeland Travel – The best travel agent for Vietnam and set out on a lovely journey that your kids will remember forever!

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